Looky what I found …

My view, Saturday, July 26

Beautiful Saturday morning here … too beautiful to sit for a whole day in front of the computer but I had to share some fun things I found online today …

  • Ships on a skirt! Made in the USA of vintage drapery fabric at a great price … So cute.
  • Speaking of  “made in the USA” this site is a great resource if you only wanna buy American-made products: The Americanologists.
  • I love reading my favorite fashion blogs for outfit inspiration (like for today — I have lunch with friends at a new place I have been dying to visit — The Packing House — and have been planning my outfit all day. Still haven’t found it; stay tuned …) and one of my go-to blogs Who What Wear compiled the inspiration for everyone today. Check it out for your own inspo.
  • This is from earlier this week, but I found it totally helpful. Lucky’s All-In Guide to Animal Prints.
  • My get for this week  — because I cannot resist a beautiful pair of pointed toe pumps — is “animal print”: Croc embossed deep blue Topshop pumps I scored at Nordstrom Rack for $36…

Blue Croc pumps


  • Maybe I will wear this today ….

Garden Party DressHave a great weekend … Ciao for now.

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