Yay! Time for Fall trends …

Got to spend a lovely time with a great bunch of ladies at Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island drooling over the fall trends. The event was staged by Public Relations Manager Michaele Hall who picked out the most luscious and lust-worthy pieces for  fall. Without further ado here are the fall trends according NM’s List:

Global Chic: As an overall trend this nails it because it encompasses subtrends such as the romantic folk-and-fairy-tale inspired looks from 2014 fall collections to the American Southwest theme that runs through everything.


NM Global Chic


Key elements: Layers, mixed prints, subtle but smashing embellishment (i.e.; a statement clutch in tribal print, textured lizard booties and fringe) …

How to wear it in real life: The graphic elements of the trend also works as a accent to an otherwise classic, minimalist or typical SoCal casual uniform of jeans and Tees. For instance this cute print clutch ($25 at Charming Charlie’s). But don’t avoid getting one of the season’s uber gorgeous print dresses for special occasions (you’ll thank me later).

Knit Dressing: This may seem counter-intuitive for our climate but there are a load of lightweight knits out there perfect for a cool evening dining near the beach. Look for special, oversized and super-soft knit sweaters, pants, jackets and coats — or maybe even a poncho — to work this look.

NM Knit Dressing

Key elements: Artisinal, handmade qualities with texture that is perfect for layering or wearing alone.

How to wear it in real life: Top a pair of boyfriend jeans with a textured cropped sweater over your fave striped button down (let the shirt tail hang out) with edgy booties  and a lively clutch or wear an oversized cable knit (try shopping in the men’s department for one) over this summer’s pleated chiffon skirt with menswear loafers for a comfy, chic, borrowed-from-the-boys look.

Gray Matters: From dove to silver to charcoal gray is this year’s neutral (of course, last year’s neutrals — red, leopard print — are still good this year as are traditional neutrals such as black and tan in case you were wondering) but it’s also this year’s all over palette. The freshest way to wear it? As evening wear.



Key elements: Super versatile and luxe; mixes with brights, pastels or other shades in the same family, for instance, do not be afraid to wear charcoal with metallic silver.

How to wear it in real life: Probably the easiest trend to work. Choose a few pieces as an accent with your LBD or LWD (little white dress) or LRD (little red dress) or  go for the allover look in head to toe gray, just be sure to work the proportions  in a modern way (think wide-legged cropped trousers – or culottes — with a soft knit tunic and booties) to avoid looking like a corporate bore.

Outgoing Outerwear: This one is a little tricky if you live in a climate that is warm all year round like I do, but it can be accomplished pretty easily because it only really requires that you get one stunning, dazzling, print coat and wear it with everything. Any coat with an arty pattern or exotic print will do as well one with embellishment, fur or feathers.

NM Coat


Key elements: Bright, graphic patterns, rounded oversized shoulders, wrap silhouette, embellishment, fur, feathers.

How to wear it in real life: Once the temperature drops wear it to work over a clean cut sheath with sharp pumps, on the weekend with boyfriend jeans, a v-neck sweater and mannish brogues  for a total French gamine vibe or for a girl’s night out over a shimmery mini with boots.

Greens: Fall’s other new black is green – in all shades. Forest. Moss. Apple. Emerald. Mix it and match it and use it as an accent.


Key elements: Organic, deep hues that pair well with neutrals or other greens.

How to wear it in real life: A head to toe green look is picky to pull off. Think of it as a base color and add appropriate neutrals (maybe gray?) and complimentary accent colors to add depth. For instance, a mossy green dress would work well a pair camel pumps and bordeaux clutch.

Trousers: Pants were all over the fall runways and they’re a great alternative to dresses and skirts when you want to look cool and sophisticated. Look for cropped, full and very full cuts to be on trend, but you can still wear your skinnies. It’s all about proportion here.


Key elements:  Voluminous legs,  slim and razor straight, soft and slouchy, high-waisted.

How to wear it in real life: Try a 70’s wide legged  with silky blouse (think Amy Adams in “American Hustle); sharply tailored slim cuts with cropped sweaters and flats or super soft and slouchy with with an equally slouchy sweater and Birkinstocks.

And now for the accessories …

The Clutch: If you’re still carrying a giant tote be sure to stash a cunning clutch – envelope folded, framed, soft or hard sided — in it as your “real” purse or just stash the tote in the back of your closet until it comes back in style. The best ones this fall have texture, pattern, pop art design, fringe, feathers and fur.


Year-round booties: I don’t know about you but I have always worn my booties year round. This year there is a better selection than ever, but if you want one pair to update your wardrobe I’d go with one that has a bit of western flair like this Saint Laurent beauty or this slightly more affordable one from Forever 21.

Statement necklaces: Yes, they are still in and they are still a great way to dress up a simple outfit or add another layer of fabulous to an already amazing outfit.




Ciao for now …










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