Now who’s gonna police the fashion? #RIPJoanRivers

Just a quick post to remember comedienne and TV and Fashion pioneer Joan Rivers who died today at age 81. I never met her but I know a few people who did and they all describe her as a funny, irreverent, smart and warm woman.

She was also a self-made fashion icon.

Back in the ’90s she reframed the way people talked about fashion — for good or ill — when she began hosting E! Red Carpet. She was the first to ask “who are you wearing?”. The actress  she questioned didn’t know who she was wearing because back then actresses mostly just went out and bought dresses.

Not anymore.

I think you could rightly call Joan the godmother of celebrity stylists because with that one question she launched a multi-million dollar celebrity-style industry.

It’s sad and somehow appropriate that Joan Rivers died on the first full day of New York Fashion week — an event that she and her co-hosts at “Fashion Police” were all set to cover. Seems like she went out in style.

Here are some of the fashion blog tributes to Joan from around the web:

WhoWhatWear: Joan Rivers’ funniest quotes of all time

The Cut: Remembering Joan Rivers’ Iconic Style

The LATimes: Joan Rivers: Making Fun of Fashion





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