Paris Fashion Week Street Style recreated

 It has always been my opinion that the ONLY REAL “Street Style” happens outside the runways of Paris, London, New York and Milan. I can spend hours looking at and dreaming about recreating looks that capture my attention.The set below was inspired by this look: Red, White and Blue in Paris.

 I try to find items in a reasonable price range that approximate the outfit I am lusting after, in this case a lady-like ensemble in one of my favorite color mixes: Crayon!
Paris Fashion Week Street Style recreated
Whenever I see cobalt or bright red (or even green and yellow) I want to pair them with other primaries to create a cheery outfit. But the key to avoiding looking like a pre-schooler is to keep the shape of the individual items clean and simple and sophisticated.
Thus the boxy top, slim skirt, rounded jacket and sharp-edged shoes in color-wheel bright hues still look grown up.
In this outfit I love how the crisp white skirt grounds bright blue and red accessories and how the black accents make the colors pop.  Plus, the balance of shapes and styles in this particular look add a layer of sophistication: the sporty bomber jacket plays nicely against the very classic-sexy silhouette of the pencil skirt; the chunky watch offsets the ladylike vibe and tasseled necklace adds a bit of exotica.
And lets be real, I love nothing better than a pointed-toe pump and a great big clutch; as far as I’m concerned adding a clutch and pump to any outfit immediately ups the style quotient.
Ciao for now!

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